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Phase I

Sales Sheet Lot Map - Phase I

View the sales sheet (PDF, 5.18 MB) to view the lot map of the development.

The first phase of Lost River (which is made up of the residential lots in Lost River Addition, and all of the Second, Third, and Fourth Additions) was constructed in 2017.

Note: Lot area for each lot can be found on the appropriate Lost River plat, which is located on the Governing Documents page.

Lost River Addition (First Addition)

Made up of 37 residential lots, with sizes from 15,600 square feet to 39,400 square feet, a 5.89 acre central park, and two large agricultural lots totaling 173.63 acres, Lost River Addition is the starting point for the Lost River project. The Lost River Addition, together with a preliminary master plan of the entire Lost River project, was proposed to the City of Horace before Lost River was annexed into the City of Horace. The City of Horace acknowledged the potential of Lost River and worked diligently with the developer to annex the site and provide the site with city services.

Second Addition

After the Lost River Addition and the preliminary master plan was approved and exposed to the market, there appeared to be a demand for not only for the large, wooded lots created by Lost River Addition, but also for medium large, medium, and small lots to provide an opportunity for any budget. Lots on Firefly Lane range from 9,700 square feet to 26,000 square feet; lots on Wild Rose way range from 6,750 to 13,500 square feet; and lots on Goldfinch Drive range from 5,600 square feet to 17,700 square feet. The side-yard and front-yard setbacks were hand-crafted to match the product level.

Third Addition

Due to the large demand for wooded river lots, and competitive pricing, it became apparent that Lost River needed more river lots to go around. Thus, after construction started on the Lost River Addition and Lost River Second Addition infrastructure, the Lost River Third Addition was added. The Lost River Third Addition Plat added Boxelder Circle, a cul-de-sac with 4 additional river lots, and 1 additional lot on the abandoned river bed (“Lost River”). Boxelder Circle was named after a large boxelder tree that provided shade for the Samuelson farmstead for decades, which fell during a 2017 storm event. Boxelder Circle would have been added initially except for Jack and Rachel (Samuelson) Dwyer’s reluctance to subdivide the original farmyard.

Fourth Addition

The Lost River Fourth Addition was added late in Phase I construction, due to high demand for Lost River’s affordable lot product, by re-orienting the lots from south facing on Firefly Lane (as depicted on a previous master plan) to east facing on Goldfinch Drive. Considering their competitive pricing and proximity to Meadowlark Park, the three lots added were sold out before the plat was even recorded.