Governing Documents

Lost River Development is a master-planned community featuring a large park and a community orchard (proposed) with community green space which was designed by a landscape architect. In order to preserve values and maximize the desirability of Lost River lots, Lost River development has restrictions on what can and cannot be done with Lost River lots. This page is dedicated to providing information relative to those restrictions.


Lost River Covenants and Restrictions

The Lost River Addition Declaration of Restrictive Covenants is a master set of covenants which govern all lots and all additions, and the covenants for the respective additions supplement the Lost River Addition covenants by setting forth additional restrictions that govern the specific lots in that particular addition. Please take note that the covenants have provisions for siding materials, setbacks, fences, and outbuildings, among other restrictions. All improvements should be presented to the Lost River Architectural Review Committee for approval prior to being ordered or constructed.


Lot Information

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III

City Ordinances

Lost River Homeowners’ Association

Lost River’s roads, infrastructure, and park space is all held in trust for the public and maintained by the City of Horace or the City of Horace Park District. However, all lots in Lost River Development are owners of the Lost River Homeowners’ Association, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation incorporated in North Dakota (Lost River HOA). The Lost River HOA is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and monthly usage charges for the irrigated, landscaped green space areas. These expenses will be assessed to the Lost River lots on an annual basis.